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Kids Eye Consult

About Us

Children are our future. They are a blessing that every parent truly aspires for. As it were, our world revolves around our children. Their health, education and social security remain every parent’s top priority. And rightly so!

Central to the ‘good health’ of any child, is his or her normal eyesight or correct vision. Remember 80 per cent of a growing child learning need is fed through the ‘sense of Sight’. Fortunately, modern clinical eye care has come a long way to treat child eye diseases or pediatric eye disorders to full patient satisfaction. Today there are some well-respected eye care centres in our country, taking the lead in providing the best possible eye care to children with different eye abnormalities.

Kids Eye Consult is one such dedicated children’s super speciality eye care centre. This ophthalmic care centre is a special wing of Kapil eye Hospital Ambala. We cater to the eye patient of states like Haryana and Punjab. Many numbers of patients even travel all the way from Rajasthan and Himachal to get their children treated for Eye disorders.

We treat a full range of eye diseases and vision disorders concerning pediatric ophthalmology. Our service track record is our best testimony. We have very maintained a high patient successful treatment ratio in the child eye care segment right from the date of our establishing back in the year 2012

Our focused mission is to provide transparent and professional consultations to patients, who trust our skill and service. Our professional commitments drive us to make a correct diagnosis using the cutting edge technology in eye care and devise the most suitable treatment plan. We adhere to evidence-based treatment from the best in the field. Our doctors are trained to be a child (patient) friendly, easily approachable and ever ready with their prompt services.

If you are an anxious parent of a child patient, suffering from eye disorders/disease like - Squint, Cross-eyes, lazy eyes, nystagmus, refractive error, low vision, ptosis, watering from eyes, Neuro-ophthalmology, congenital cataract, double vision , drooping of eyes or any other pediatric eye problem, then Kids Eye Consult is your one-stop solution.

Our dedicated ophthalmic care team of doctors and surgeons is lead by an award-winning, academically brilliant and highly popular ophthalmologist in Dr Amit Gupta. In pediatric ophthalmology, he is the frontline eye care specialist in the whole region of Ambala and catchment areas. His special skill and ability to handle child eye patients is unmatched and talk of the town. His compassion for patients is his best identity.

Kids Eye Consult has the services of best ophthalmologists, eye surgeons and professionally trained support staff to make the life of your patient comfortable with the best available treatment. We maintain high standards of professionalism and ethical integrity. We have the best equipment, highly qualified doctors and skill intensive experience to give your patient a lasting vision.

Our patient-centric compassion, professional values and a sense of empathy instantly touches the chord with every patient and leaves them cheerful. That is why; our services expand from a word of mouth campaign from patient to patient. We don’t run any big outreach campaigns or massive advertisements to get us going. Our happy patients are our best service ambassadors.

That has been the mainstay of our success story during all these years of serving a large patient base. Throughout these times, our doctors & surgeons have won awards, recognition and above all the vital trust of scores of patients and their happy families for how well we performed professionally.

Kids Eye Consult is there for you every hour of every day exclusively to save the precious ‘Vision’ of our children. Our mission is: Let there be ‘LIGHT’ all-round.