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Paediatric Refractive Errors

Parents pay Attention: Periodical Vision Assessment of Children is a must that every parent should strictly follow. At six months after birth and then Age 3 and till a child reached five years, a consultation with a pediatric specialist is essential. Vision abnormalities like different ‘Refractive errors’ could be detected well in time at an early & curable age.

Remember, it is critically related to your child’s prospect to see correctly and to timely diagnose any life-threatening eye disease like eye cancer. Their future depends on their ability to see the world around them accurately. A healthy Vision can only lead to a Wealthy future.

Why a child Eye specialist for Refractive Errors: A Pediatric Ophthalmologist has a better understanding of a child’s eye physiology. And as such, has in-depth know-how of the correct refractive error affecting your child. So make sure you go to the right eye specialist. Kid’s eye consult is a dedicated facility for all refractive errors and cataract conditions present of children.

Refractive errors in Children: This refers to errors in the Focusing ability of the eye(s) in a Child. Such vision abnormality occurs, when the shape of the eye does not allow a correct focus on the eye ’s retina: As a result, images appear blurred or overlapping.

Three most common refractive errors in children are Myopia (nearsightedness), Hyperopia (farsightedness) and Astigmatism – a sight disorder in which a child’s eye doesn't focus image evenly owing to the irregular shape of the cornea. All are treatable at Kids eye Consult, and a child patient makes a full recovery with right and timely prescription.

Most common visible signs of refractive eye errors in children are :
Blurred vision, Double vision, Dizziness, Glare or Halo, Squinting, Headaches, Eye-strain
Diagnosis: if your child has any or some of the symptoms and constant discomfort in seeing, visit kids Eye Consult. Our paediatric specialist will conduct a full examination of your child’s eye and if necessary, perform relevant tests. We will diagnosis your error and cause right there.

Treatment: We handle all refractive eye errors at kids eye consult. A patient may require to wear prescribed eyeglasses, use contact lenses, or undergo a Correction Surgery.
  Eye Glasses: Once the correct diagnosis is made, a child patient may be advised to wear an eyeglass for a certain period. This is a safe and straightforward method, and most refractive errors are compensated with appropriate lenses to give your child the correct vision and comfort.
  Contact lenses: Some parents want to avoid the hassle of eyeglasses for their kids and prefer contact lenses. Quality contact lenses provide clearer vision, a wider field of view, and better comfort. Such lenses are medically and physically safe and effective as well provided they are fitted and used correctly. Hygiene of the contact lens is needed for good results and to reduce the chances of any infection. Kids eye consult educates both child and parents for safe and sanitary use of contact lenses.
  Refractive surgery. We have the best child eye care expertise and long experience of correcting refractive errors in children at kids Eye Consult. Our in-house surgeons adjust the shape of eye cornea and restore the right focusing power. These physical adjustments in cornea shape correct the focusing ability of the affected eye and improve the child’s vision significantly.

Since there are many types of Refractive Eye Surgeries, our doctors decide what best suits your child’s eye, based on medical conditions and parents prefered choice/consent.
Preventive measures to reduce Myopia progression in Children:
Whenever possible, expose them to sunlight. Research shows that sunlight activates vitamin D, which may play a potential role in children’s eye growth.
Plan more outdoor activities and change their sedentary lifestyle. Increased outdoor activity has been shown to retard the onset of myopia significantly.
Minimise willful exposure to digital devices/screens; which places more strenuous near-vision demands on young eyes
The progressions of Myopia can also be reduced by administering specific eye drops

In all cases, ask your doctor about the most suitable ways to manage myopia. While glasses or contact lenses help see squint patents clearly, however, kids may need increasingly stronger prescriptions as they continue to grow. So your pediatric eye consultant is your best referee to advise you according to the best available evidence with all the pros and cons.