Kids Eye Consult
Kids Eye Consult

Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission:
Let there be Light (vision) for all and make Future bright for all as One Healthy Universal Community
Our Vision:
To best leverage our skills and resources and be counted as a benchmark in Quality and Affordable pediatric care Ophthalmology
Our Values :
All medical professional across all specialisations have a defined code of ethics and a set of values that govern their workplace conduct and daily patient dealing. Paediatric ophthalmology is one such branch that has an added emphasis on ‘how best to deal with a child patient.’

Because we mostly treat child patients and teens, we precisely know how to handle and manage them smartly. Our treatment is designed to maximise clinical rewards and minimise any associated health risk. Patient interest supersedes all other aspects of professional dealing at Kids eye consult. Right, ethical and in-time guidance, need-based treatment, and humane considerations guide our daily operations.

We fully understand the critical importance of vision in a child’s life. Any casual or flawed treatment could spoil not only the child future but derail lives of all attached family members. We earnestly recognise how vision abnormalities deprive children of reaching their full potential, impede their learning and squeeze happiness out of their lives. Our doctors are mindful of how early disease detection and correct diagnosis saves affected children from various life-threatening diseases like cancer.

It is in keeping with this spirit and professional values that we treat scores of poor, deprived and marginalised patients either wholly free or on a non-profit basis. Such campaigns often feature our work calendars, where our medical teams go out on mass treatment drives and eye care awareness campaigns. The underlying motive is to educate/train communities for the prevention & management of potential eye disease. Our outreach also entails providing consultation services at the doors of rural patients and for those living in small towns with poor access to quality eye care.

Therefore every patient is treated with full consideration and professional care to benchmark the best in our profession. We collectively strive to give you the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences as our valued services users. We continuously yearn to come up to the expectations that you as patients have with us at kids eye Consult.

Experience our work culture and strong loyalty for patients, anytime you have a kid or other family member, who needs the best possible ophthalmic care with a touch of compassion.

Affordable quality eye care is the principal component of our value system @ Kids Eye Consult.