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Pediatric Cataract

Overview: Cataract is an eye lens disorder that gradually reduces the ‘sense of vision’. When for some reason the eye lens becomes less transparent or cloudy, it leaves the eye ’s vision hazy or blurred.
Generally speaking, cataract develops with age, however many babies are born with this disease as well. Such a condition is called congenital cataract.
Cataracts diagnosed in babies or children are known as Developmental or infantile cataract. In children, a cataract can affect one or both the eyes. All such types of cataracts affecting children come under pediatric cataracts - which fall in the operational domain of a dedicated paediatric ophthalmologist.

Symptoms: Following could be the symptoms or signs of cataract among children; however, each child may present these symptoms differently; which only a paediatric eye specialist will be able to interpret correctly.
The appearance of Cloudy patches in the eye lens
Blurry or hazy vision
Reduced vision
White pupil on flashlight examination
Colours appearing faded
Involuntary movements of the eyes
Halo or too bright appearance of light sources

Causes: If a child is found having a congenital cataract in both eyes -bilateral disorder, a genetic evaluation may be required to diagnose any other associated health anomalies. At kids eye consult, we seek to rule out all such risks well in anticipation to prevent any impending illness. If a child develops this after birth, it is called Acquired Cataract.

Here is a possible set of the cause in such cases.
Eye injury /Trauma
Extended Steroid use
Side effects of other eye diseases like Glaucoma
Childhood diseases, such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Long Exposure to Radiation
German measles or Rubella
Metabolic diseases and chromosomal abnormalities like Downs syndrome

Unlike older people, detecting signs of the cataract is relatively difficult among children. Hence, it is always advisable to get your child medically examined annually from a qualified paediatric eye consultant.

At kids eye consult, we have a particular unit for paediatric cataract diagnosis. Our ophthalmic care unit will make an appropriate determination of the cause and the type of cataract of your patient using most modern diagnostic machines.
Eyeglasses, Contact lenses and IOL surgical implants.
Children with cataract need highly special ophthalmic care and medical attention. Kids eye consult has particular expertise to treat young patients with cataract. We have modified equipment, and customised patient care suites meant only for child patients. Such patients are referred to us from all the neighbouring states of north India.

We have treated thousands of babies and removed cataract to restore their correct vision. We use technology, modern surgical tools and computer-aided diagnostic apparatus to operate upon rather un-friendly child patients seamlessly.
Our surgeons have earned distinct appreciation among the ophthalmic community for our record and performance in treating young paediatric eye patients. We use the best-in-class lens for IOL procedures that last through the adulthood of children. Our specialist paediatric surgeons have successfully implanted intraocular lenses in babies not older than few weeks.
Visual rehabilitation is of paramount importance to realise the best possible VISION potential in your child. In order to determine what best suits your child , a pediatric Ophthalmologist is specially trained to guide you appropriately in the preoperative and postoperative period.
Your trust in our services is our best reward